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  Acqua Terra Design is the result of a spontaneous need that turned into a strong desire: to elevate and enjoy a modern lifestyle in symbiosis with nature and our community. It starts with Design and Architecture, which have the power to shape our land and the responsibility to embrace people, culture, and environment. It grows through new values and knowledge, It translates into clear forms, comprehension, and healthy habits, to realize that who we are and the place we live in are important, functional components of something bigger, that goes beyond the person and the building itself.

  Understand our beautiful land, live with it, enjoy it, protect it: the good feeling we have while observing the country landscape on a weekend trip should be there every day. The connection with your community experienced at the weekly local market or at your favorite cafe should start from your front yard. Our homes should be designed to connect with the world around us and enjoy every single moment effortlessly, not to hide away that beautiful view behind a wall. Our gardens should give us positive vibrations, being productive and entertaining spaces, not just maintenance work of unutilized space.

  We design for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle: you, your home, and the land around you can harmonize and support each other.
Passive solar design, essential materials, natural light and ventilation, efficient space organization, and constant contact with the landscape, start on a solid base. Integrate and collaborate with the site (don't fight it), produce your own energy, harvest your own water, grow your own food, and return what you don't need to the land, to reduce your living cost and don't need to depend on unknown third parties. The design must embrace and tell the story of its time, land, and people.

  My name is Federico (Fede), and I'm your contact at Acqua Terra Design. 
I was born and raised in Italy. I have a Master in Architecture (2011), a Master in Sustainable Design (2013), and I'm a registered Architect (2012/ITA). I moved to Australia in February 2014, and Since then I have worked with Dickson Rothschild, Ignite Architects, and MKD Architects. Since 2016 I have also been working on personal projects along with other trusted professionals to deliver mostly residential projects around Sydney. Since 2019 I'm a proud citizen of this beautiful country, Australia.

  Every member of the Acqua Terra Design team dedicates our work and efforts to support this land, its people, and its unique environment, and we are proud to call it our home. 

Federico Castellucchio
M Sust. Arch, M Arch, Architect (Italy)
Permaculture Designer

Connect with me on LinkedIn:
Federico Castellucchio | LinkedIn

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